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My note on Colossians

Colossians was written by apostle Paul and Timothy to the people of Colosse.

the Holy Spirit gives us the love for others.

when God gives you complete knowledge of His will, Spiritual knowledge and understanding, the way you live will always honour and please the Lord. you will grow as you learn to Know God better and better.

to have all the patience an  endurance you need, you have to be strengthened with God’s glorious power.

for he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His dear son who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins.

he has……..(notice the past tense used here)

rescued……(another past tense) this means to save from danger or distress. it also means to sve. to bring away something from a dangerous or harmful situation.

transferred…to move somebody or something from one place to another, to change or move somebody to another group or location or service. it also means to hand over the possession of certain rights to somebody else.

purchased……(another past tense) the process or act of buying something.

freedom………state of not being a prisoner or slave. a special privilege or right of access.

forgave……….(another past tense) to stop feeling angry or resentful towards or about something. to stop blaming or wanting to punish somebody.

sin…………… act that breaks the religious or moral law.

Christ is the visible image of the Invincible God everything was created through him and for him. he existed before everything created (things we can see, those we can’t, thrones, kingdoms, rulers, authorities in the unseen world. everything was created through him and for him. he is the head of the church which is his body)

through Christ God reconciled everything to himself and made peace with everything by means of christs blood on the cross (including us who were once far away from Him by our evil thoughts and actions.) He reconciled us to himself by the death of Christ  in his physical body and as a result, he has brought us into his own presence making us holy and blameless. now, we can stand before him without a single fault. you must know this truth and stand firmly by it. do not drift away from the assurance you recieved when you first heard of the goodnews.

THE SECRET (which has been kept secret for centuries and generations has now been revealed to God’s people because God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Christ is for gentiles too) Christ lives in me. (us). this gives us assurance of sharing his glory.

we should have complete confidence that we understand God’s mysterious plan which is in Christ himself.

we should understand that in Christ lies all the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge. you should know this and latch unto this truth so that no one will deceive you with well-crafted arguments or capture you with high sounding nonsense, empty philosophies that come from human thinking and spiritual powers from this world.

as you accepted Christ, let your roots grow down into him, let your lives be built on him, then your faith will grow strong in the truth and you will overflow with thankfulness.

in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. through our union with Christ who rules over every ruler and authourity—we are made complete.

when you came to Christ, you were circumcised spiritually–(the cutting away of your sinful nature). before you met christ, you were dead. spiritually dead. but God made you alive with christ because he forgave all our sins, cancelled the record of charges against us, took them away by nailing it to the cross. by this, God disarmed the spiritual rulers and authourities, shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross.

Christ is the reality.

you have died with christ and he has set you free from the spiritual powers of this world.

since you have been raised to this new life, set your sights on the realities of heaven whare Christ seats in the place of honour. think about the things of heaven, set your sights on the realities of Heaven.

your real life is hid with christ in God.

a greedy person is an idolater, worshipping the things of this world. put to death all th sinful and evil things lurking within you. have nothing to do with sexual immorality, impurity, lust and evil desires. now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behaviour, slander and dirty language. don’t lie to each other.

be renewed as you get to know your creator and be more like him. in this new life, Christ is all that matters and he lives in us. we should clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. clothe yourselves with love which binds us together in harmony. make allowance for each others faults and forgive anyone who offends you. always be thankful. you are called to live in peace. whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus. work willingly at what ever you do as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Children obey your parents. live wisely among those that are not believers, let your conversation be seasoned with salt. let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.


random silent prayers : worry

so many emotions tied up in one day with a ribbon on it. the colour today has been blue, green even yellow then blue and then blue again.

I have had genuine laughs. felt that ache deep within again. i even enjoyed the company of friends. i also felt alone in the crowd. how do i even manage to experience all these conflicting emotions?

there is so much i do not understand yet. the struggle to fit all the rough edgy pieces together is almost tearing me apart. i really must need a full dose of relaxation. so when the blue mood comes up. i also remember Philippians 4:6-7

according to my Bible..(New Living Translation)

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything, tell God what you need , and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds everything we can understand. his peace will guard your heart hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

i tend to worry a lot. i have “trust” issues most times. and i worry about it  a whole lot. brother Paul…how can ou even tell me not to worry? i want to believe you, i want to. at some point i even believe you. and then i  lapse into that state of subconscious worry again. i should pray huh? i do. but how do i even start to pray about the things that bother me…


straight up from me. i dont want to keep worrying about things that i know in the long run are totally not up to me to decide. or are they? sometimes i want to dream and it gets tempting sometimes to even start charting out courses i would like to follow and all..

other times..i prefer the laid back approach. at the end of the day circumstances become beyond our control. it just makes it feel like such a attempting to walk on a treadmill.

what would you have me do Lord. i want your will to be done in my life. i want what you want for me. quite frankly lord i don’t trust my judgement. i want you to have your way. i have often said to my friends that i wish you speak efik. thinking about it now…i beg for forgiveness Lord. i want to understand your language Lord. not have you speak mine. i really would love to hear from you. i need answers.

i thank you Lord for all you have done..for all you let happen to me and more for the things you let me escape.

i need that peace that Paul talks about. i need to experience and live with it. i need it to guard my heart and mind lord..

Holy spirit…please show me how. teach me.

Wedding traditions…

Wedding traditions


The wedding vows are complete - you may now ki...

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I like weddings a lot. These days I hardly attend any though…the last wedding I attended was in August at Seven Day

A bride tossing her bouquet of flowers. Catego...

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I know weddings are just events and the main deal is in the Marriage and more effort should be put into preparing your self for marriage and not the wedding, yes. I don’t disagree with all the marriage preaching, as a matter of fact, I listen to them. However, there are some things I look out for in weddings though…


Walking down the isle…


I was so sad when we got to the church where my aunt’s colleague was to be wedded and we just walked in…(I was in the bridal train) there was no protocol. Husband and wife just went in and sat down gbam... we were even early o, can you imagine? Very few guests had arrived. i couldnt help wishing i was the wedding planner. i couldn’t help thinking we should have waited in the car


You know how in movies there is usually a red carpet leading to the isle…and the bride appears, after like fifteen minutes of keeping the congregation waiting, and making the groom sweat profusely, looking heavenly and breath taking in the arms of her father. her flowing white sparkling gown making her look so magnificent…and then she walks slowly, smiling as she takes each step, thankful that her father is there to hold her hand cause every body is scrutinizing her…with their piercing stares and their genuine or not smiles as she waves and walks down to her waiting groom….


*Deep breadth* why don’t people walk don the aisle anymore…there was this other wedding that I was among the brides maid and we actually danced to the alter husband and wife..ahn ahn..No. that walk down the isle is what is key for me.


My ideal setting….

i would enter the church when most of the guests are already seated, the choir singing a soft wedding tune and like twenty steps away my dad would be waiting to take my hand and like fifty steps away my husband to be would be waiting for my dad to hand me over to him. afterwards we would kneel at the alter and be blessed say our vows, exchange rings yeah I like to see the little groom walk confidently and bring the rings to the alter while the little bride comes to hold the bouquet for a while…and you know what next now… (You know that awkward moment before you actually kiss your new life partner in front of all those people.. I can imagine me blushing already) when the pastor uses that deep baritone voice and announces…”you may now kiss the bride”…


Kissing the bride


Why don’t some churches do that anymore? I feel like it is not fair…I mean that is one of the high points of the wedding ceremony…the unveiling of the bride to kiss her….ah! Haven’t you ever seen how romantic the sight is???)

Before going to seat together, before the signing of marriage certificates and stuffs I always look forward to hearing the pastor say in his deep baritone voice…”ladies and gentlemen. I now present to you Mr. and Mrs…so so so and so and then every one gives a standing oviation as the choir renders a danceable number while the couple dance out of the church…. to take pictures and then move to the reception area.


Keeping to time


My ideal church service should last for just two hours. shikena nothing more. ahn ahn there was this wedding I attended at one cele church..yeah you read that right (no offence intended) cele church in Kaduna…that was the first and actual wedding that I actually dozed…you know how you can doze off and still have time to have those dreams that you don’t understand…yes o …it is because the wedding lasted for hours…I think the church wedding ended around four o clock…by the time we got to the reception, we were all starving and everybody just wanted to eat and eat and struggle for food. no abeg i give them hand I am not exaggerating o…it actually ended around 4pm..


Saturday weddings

For me, Saturday is an ideal day to get married. I know people are breaking the norm these days and getting married on Thursdays, Wednesdays and even Mondays o…i think i will just stick with the tradition…yeah and during the reception we would say our own vows to each other. At this point I am already wishing i would get married soon o…I know you are wondering to who? hehe…keep wondering olofofo. 


Yeah what’s up with some newly weds not wanting to leave their reception grounds now? I went for one wedding and the wedding was practically over and the couple were still very much around greeting people…the couple is supposed to drive off to their honey moon and leave a waving audience to enjoy the rest of the party…..

Anyways, I’d continue this topic later…duty calls.

Letter from hell…

This is the transcribed version of a video titled “letter from hell”. I don’t know the names of the original owners, but i stumbled on it while browsing through my friends laptop and it really got me thinking.  Sometimes, it feels like we the “so called Christians” are stingy with Jesus. We don’t introduce our friends to our Lord and personal savior…we ignore the opportunities we get to spread the gospel…it is just sad. I hope you reflect on this too..


What if?

What if you had a friend Who died without knowing Jesus as their personal savior?

What if he/she went to hell?

What if one day you received a letter in the mail from beyond?

A letter from hell.

A letter from your friend in the flames of eternal torment.

The following is a dramatic presentation.

It was written by a fictitious high school student named josh to a friend named Zack.

Although Zack had every opportunity to tell Josh about Jesus…

…he didn’t.

They were best friends they played soccer together.

They went to classes together.

They partied together.

They shared their lives with each other

But there was one thing Jack held back from Josh…

His personal relationship with Jesus Christ

The rest of the story is simple and sad…

A few too many beers

A tragic drive home…

A crash.

A death.

A funeral.

A letter.

Here’s that letter..

A letter from hell

Dear Zack,
I died today..It’s a lot different than I expected.You see, I always thought that dying would bring me to a world that is foggy and hazy,But this place is crystal clear. It is even more real than my life on earth I can think, I can talk.I can even feel.

Right after the wreck, i could feel my spirit leaving my body. it was the weirdest thing Zack. i thought i heard you screaming out to me man, or was i just imagining things? at first i was just standing in line, getting registered i guess. They asked me for my name. They said they had to look in this thing they called the book of life. i guess they couldn’t find it though because the huge angel standing next to me grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me away. i was terrified. i had no idea what was going on. i asked the angel where he was taking me but he didn’t answer. so i asked him again. he told me that only those whose names were written in the book of life could enter into Heaven. the rest would be condemned to hell forever. i was scared. the angel threw me into some kind of lonely cell where i have been sitting and thinking for a long long time.

Do you know what i have been thinking about? i have been thinking about you. Zack you’re a christian. you said so yourself, we talked about it three different times today, Kelly brought it up and you laughed it away, coach brought it up during sports and you changed the subject. it came up right before the wreck but the question i cant get out of my mind is this Zack…why haven’t you ever told me about how to become a christian? i mean you say you’re my friend. if you really were you would have told me about this Jesus and i would have escaped this terrible place that i am headed for.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. the angels who have been chosen to cast me into hell are coming down the hallway, i can hear their voices, i have heard of this hell Zack, they call it the lake of fire. i cant stand it Zack, i am terrified. the angels are at the door. No they are coming in and they are pointing at me..No, they are grabbing me and carrying me out of the room. i can already smell the burning sulfur and brimstone. this is it, i am without hope. closer, closer, closer. i am bursting with fear, they are holding me over the flames. this is it, they have thrown me in fire. pain. hell..

Why didn’t you ever tell me about JESUS?

your friend. josh.

p.s. wish you were here.

you see most of us have the “don’t bother me” attitude.

Don’t bother me with souls to save i have my own agenda, there’s school to do, sports to play, important stuff to attend to. don’t bother me about my friend at work, he has got his own religion. i don’t have time to change his mind, he’ll make his own decision. don’t bother me about that little girl playing in the street , she’s too young to understand that the savior she could meet.

Don’t bother me with the sounds i hear, the people shrieking. although i wonder who they are? who are these victims sneering? don’t bother me with who they are, i really don’t want the blame cause it is my friend at work and that little girl who from hell scream out my name. but don’t bother me…

Just think about it..what if it really happened?????????????

Pritih’s orange reflections…

Hi every one…

This is just another form of expression from yours truly…

Maybe this is going to be like my open diary…

Let me start by introducing myself…

I am…*scratching my head* I don’t even know how to begin describing myself, where would i even start from? sometimes i even think somehow i don’t know me enough to label me as this or that. Anyway, I know i love God..i believe deep down..each of us searches for something beyond us, beyond our ordinary existence…something to believe in something to hold on to…I recommend God. I recommend Christianity not as a religion but Christianity as a way of life… I believe that Jesus is the Son of God…he died for my sins, he is my Link to the Father. The Father who naturally sin cut me off from…but i am glad that because of grace that triumphs over judgement, I can come boldly to the throne of grace and receive help in times of trouble( this is not to say i am this confident all the time, i have been a naughty girl too for i am human sometimes too human for my own good ) i believe i can now cry Abba father…because i was bought with a price (the blood of Jesus), i believe i have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. He rose again over death grave and hell and is sitting on the right hand of the father God from where he will come to take me home..i know i am special…in a mystical way sometimes.

I love lemon-green, orange fascinates me,  gold makes me curious…it has a royal feeling..a sense of importance and oh pink just makes me feel girly. i love to write…it is my easiest form of expression. sometimes talking doesnt do me much good either…i love words though….it’s comforting how they just capture the very essence of that picture that pops up in your head…written words however provide meanings that sounds sometimes don’t catch………..

Singing too…singing makes me feel a lot of emotions…singing is like freedom of some sort for me…a soothing relief. Right now i am thinking why i sing mostly to my self..ah would i say i am shy? it depends on your definition of shy though but i know there’s this churning in my tummy whenever i am called out to attempt to sing in front of people…so yeah i like groups..but seriously i don’t understand why and how my heart just begins to beat faster than usual and my voice ceases and oh the fright as i see those faces…*sigh* i can sing though…you would hear my voice when i think you’re not listening or paying me much attention. i love good songs…and gospel lyrics make more sense and a bit of the old school secular. i like hip pop, R&B, i like rap too….and blah blah blah…i just may succumb to the urge of auditioning for some singing competition though…and now i am thinking from “obscurity to limelight’ yeah right.

I love children…toddlers mostly…I intend to run a day care center sometime in my life…i wanted to be a pediatrician for a very long time in my life but you know how life just takes different twists and turns and you find your self threading a differently fulfilling path…? mine took me to the maritime industry. i have interests in fashion designing too…i really would love to learn how to sew…ehen..remind of next years resolutions. i do not consider myself a fashionista one bit…my style is *comfortable* not what is in vogue..infact i try as much as possible not to do or dress in vogue…too much stress really and make-up? some people are totally gifted in that…abeg abeg..just pass me lip gloss and powder and i am good to go…you would find me with eye shadow once in a while though…probably black or green or something else.

Where am i from? i am a Nigerian. i am an Efik- yoruba chic. My dad’s dad is from Kwara state while his mum was from i hear Sokoto..and i think with fulani mum on the other hand is an Efik woman from Cross-river state. I was born two decades ago on the fifteenth day on the eleventh month. i grew up with my maternal family so i am more efik inclined. yeah i speak the language too…akpaniko ke di o. infact i even think i would like to do an efik traditional marriage…or both sha…but efik weddings are special. yeah i cannot or no i am learning how to speak yoruba and while you want to squeeze your face and give me the “ahn ahn but you are a yoruba girl na” look, you can like to cut me some slacks…and cast the look in the direction of my dad. thank-you.

Moving on…where do i live? quite frankly i don’t know…i am presently in Lagos though .  I was born in Lagos, was a toddler in Abuja, moved to Calabar to live with my grandparents when i was about four because my mum was transferred to warri and she didnt want me to grow up there..when i was seven plus my mum took me back to Lagos to do primary 4 and 5 (she was transferred back to Lagos and was a little bit settled). i went to secondary school in Bwari-Abuja..and most of my holidays were in Kaduna with my aunty koko and my friend Ayo in Abuja. after secondary school my mum was transferred back to Lagos and so we came back to las gidi. after two years of jamb jambing me and me banging Neco/waec …and watching my close friends get admission into university (stop rolling your efiko eyes at me jor)  i went back to secondary school to get my acts straight…humiliating huh…at first yeah..but later i actually enjoyed my self. i havent used that result for anything yet because i eventually entered Maritime academy with my previous result…

I love love. i have been in a few relationships…i have even gotten my heart bruised in the process, but i haven’t given up on Love…i am in a relationship now with a very special person. together we have been through a lot, it has been a learning process and sincerely i hope for the best. i want to get married soon..give birth to four or five children and have a beautiful family. i want five or four children because for my dad i was the only child for seventeen years and then my sister kayla came into the picture…i am still my mother’s only child though and i am still wishing i have siblings from her  real soon. i am big on families even if i haven’t been too lucky in that area. (so dear future husband i hope you love children and would love to have a hand full of them too..i hope you would also consider adopting at least one kid too..c’mon my love if we have the resources, why not?)

so i said i was going to write just a thousand words to introduce myself..and i have exceeded the limit. ask me if you still need any further introduction or you need me to answer any personal question.

Im still not certain what the centre of my bloging would be short stories? poems? my experiences? stories i hear? relationships? trends? politics? tv. show? random rantings? meditations? reflections? …what ever i post, i hope you enjoy if not all, at least some,  for now i am just grateful for this medium.

if you stumble on this blog some how,  feel free to show some love. i would like to hear from you and know what you think I am the girl behind this blog.