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Last Saturday, after our youth programme in church, our pastor did what resembled an alter call. He announced saying he had 25 tickets to midnight crew’s 10th year anniversary concert coming up next Sunday by 4pm. Midnight crew is one of my favorite gospel group. I especially like the way they are able to take praising God in Nigerian native languages to a whole new different level. They even ministered at our African praise night on Friday evening and so at the point of the announcement, their Ministration was still fresh in my mind. So when he said he had 25 tickets, I thought wow. I had the front row advantage too. I was almost ready to run out to get the ticket. Then he continued “if you are willing to pay N2500 for the ticket come out now” he must have said this like five times while I was busy calculating how much cash I had at hand, wondering how much the ticket actually cost, weather he had increased or reduced the actual price of the ticket, weather or not I should even bother going, weather I should cut my coat according to my size or my material rather, while I was still wondering and pondering, He said actually the tickets are free…waaaaaat! Free? Right then life returned to my legs, I wanted to stand up, I looked up, only seven people had stepped out to receive the tickets. He said the opportunity had closed and nobody should join the ones in front. He said he wanted to teach us something… He wanted to teach us not to be afraid of money. Then it dawned on me. Out of over about two hundred young people that had attended only about seven had stepped out. Why? I don’t know if it is something about our mentality, or the fact that we are wired to cut our cloth according to our material, or the “broke mentality” was just playing out……………. Whatever the case…………it struck a chord in my heart. I am bent on changing whatever it is that made me sit back that Saturday. So help me God



Your innocence,

burns like an incense

perfuming me with common sense,

to live with all I have,

lest I loose all I had.

yo! baby sis, these are the words i put together the first time i heard of your existence. when you’re older maybe you would understand my thoughts. or maybe you wouldn’t. I love you regardless, it’s in the genes you now share.


Perfect is Gods love to me…

It transcends any other I can feel

Surpasses any I can give,

Perfect is Gods love for me.


Perfect is God’s love to me,

Not even time can kill

Though seasons may pass it’ll live

So perfect is Gods love for me.


Perfect is Gods love to me,

It comes without a bill,

Though my impurities it’ll sieve

Altogether perfect is God’s love for me.


Perfect is Gods love to me.

All my hurt and pain it’ll heal.

He will never ever leave,

Perfectly perfect is God’s love for me.

Farida’s prayer

kill the heat that boils in me

till my heart does boil no more.

still the wind which takes me away,

deal with that which makes me stray.

peel away the hurt which makes me cry,

seal in me your love till i die.

fill me with compassion

will me to do that which is your pasion.

zeal to love, give to me.

“ill” i pray you take far from me.

shield me with your precious blood.

skillfully mould me, to your taste,

till finally, your shape i take.

bill me not oh merciful father, i will never be able to pay!

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so I’d like to express my vexation.

like seriously what is your role as my friend? really?

maybe i am just kinda upset in a way right now..

so a friend of mine just said “at the end it is you the thing will affect. i’d be here to either laugh at you or clap for you if you make the right decision.” and i got upset. not because he said the truth…maybe its the way he put it. maybe i want people i am close to to be more interested in my matter…but like seriously, if i am in a fix, i come up to you with an idea, i expect you to be able to look at it from a different point of view, perharps point out things i didnt already know about what it is i am contemplating…dont just sit there and give me the “i can’t be bothered” attitude.

that’s how when i was contemplating what to do on my birthday, i decided to share with my “special somborri” asked why i was asking his opinion to flex with people around me..he went further to say that i am looking for suggestions from him to impress other people..really? just because he wasn’t going to be around. seriously? now a fresh kindda vex is welling up somewhere close to my small intestine..will i hug a naked wire or a transformer? No. i certainly wont though.

or the many times my people have literally watched me walk right into hot pepper-soup and then explain to me later how they thought i knew what i was doing. some have even been mean enough to say that they really couldn’t say anything, they didn’t know how i would react. some even said they actually wanted me to “see for myself”

if you are my friend what is the need of opening up to you when i cant even be sure you will stick around huh? even if you don’t at least make me feel like you feel my pain..i am the kind of person that can take panadol for your headache..why do you then make me feel like my headache is solely mine to bear?

and as for you “SS’ while I’ll like your opinion on’re busy giving me the attitude and acting all cool and distant and the possibility that i might hear your sarcastic off point comment and not your actual response to the matter..outweighs the possibility that you’d understand. so yes. nursing my piqued ego feels much better. and that realization is sad. and yes don’t blame me for not talking to you.

i dont know if you catch my drift or if i am even communicating the way i feel right now appropriately. if you are my friend, just be my friend. maybe i want to feel like you feel if i gain, you gain..or maybe if i loose, you share my loss..

maybe i am unrealistic like that. or maybe i am actually seeking for more attention than i deserve, or maybe i am getting less attention than i deserve..or what ever it is i am as i write this….

so yes you friend C. you made a very “hit home” point. i am on my own on this one. i know and yeah it can pain sha…….

*drops mic, inhales the aroma of stock fish and sips zoborodo*

there is no title to this. i don’t know what to name it. maybe a new category *rant lane*


How time flies…

As a kid,
I wondered where time did lead
I sulked for i had not seen time pass by
nor had i the privilege of watching it fly.
every where i went,
the message was clearly sent
of how time flies
and how quick it was to say it’s bye bye’s.
if this was true,
I had not a clue
so I went on a quest to solve the mystery
which was as old as history.

I teamed up with my creative powers
amidst the flowers,
and conjured up an image of time, the  human kind
then i made it fly in my mind.
I felt happy afterwards,
for finally, i knew how time moved forward.

Confusion struck again in English class,
but i had gotten my answer at last
for if “time” was an abstract noun,
then grown ups couldn’t have known that time could fly.
or was it a lie?
then i heard of personification
and it was a notification
that i had made a caricature of time
because my imagined time and my new concept of time,
refused to rhyme.

No title

*inserts whitney and mariah carey’s “when you believe”*

we were moving mountains high before we knew we could….awwwwwwwwwww don’t you just love some lyrics, i mean some song writers are mega hot as in mega smoking blazing hot. anyways moving on…how have y’all been? you missed me didn’t you? lolz well  someday you will. I’ve been doing great, learning plenty. love has been stressfull kind of…but I have been studying the Proverbs 31 wife of noble character. i want to be her. she’s my role model. yeah yeah, you guessed right, i want to be super woman.

so at a point i read that “….her husband can trust her” and i was like wow. like he can actually trust her to do him good. he can trust her not to spend all their money on trivial issues, he can trust her to be faithfull to him (sexually), he can trust her with that new business idea, he can trust her to train his kids in the way of the Lord, he can trust her with his life…he can trust her to be emotionally stable (i mean that’s something o), he can trust her to…..(the list goes on and on)

I have also been wondering…why is there no place in the bible that talks about a husband of noble character? or is there? the woman has so much work to do on her character. Its almost as if the wife is the pillar of every successful marriage. personally, when i re-read the passage, i feel inadequate sometimes, I’d share my notes on that later, when i am done putting it together. the good thing however is that i am not married yet so i think i still have a shot at learning and becoming the proverbs 31 woman (yeah and how come she never even had a name? okay it is like lemuel’s mother was reading out the c.v. for the perfect woman).

You see, I want my children to call me blessed, i want my husband, my sweetheart, my darling to praise me i will Fear the Lord. (beauty is passing, charm is decietful but a woman who fears the lord, she shall be praised.) father please help me to be a virtuous woman.

I have also been trying to read my pmp book. i mean why dont i know how to read plenty educational things without getting distracted? HS pls help o.

My aunty also came from Kaduna…yayyyyyyyyyyyy. and yeah we’re getting a new t.v. too. 9(that’s some serious thing to thank God for have no idea.)

How could i forget? on tuesday we nearly had a fatal accident. *bows heart* Thank you Jesus. on our way home from work that day, we were in the staff bus as usual, there was little traffic and we were frowning (who likes traffic) suddenly we heard…gbooooooooom (i dont know how to spell the exact sound i heard) whaaaaat! a trailer hit us from behind and phew…people started finding the nearest way out of the bus..(like three people jumped from the window i tell you..) anyway to cut a long story short, nobody was hurt. just that the staff bus was dented from behind. they said, the trailer’s break had failed but because there was traffic, he obviously wasnt speeding at all…cuz if he has been on even average speed, with the sloping bridge at apapa-ijora road…hmmn. i just thank God.

I shall live. i havent accomplished all i have been purposed to yet. that’s how i know that i can’t die now. besides, i shall not die, but i shall live to declare the works of the Lord inthe land of the living.) did i hear you say amen for me..? *smiles* thank you. Amen for you too………

public holiday…i see you. lol, we Nigerians looooove public holidays.

y’all should stay beautifully blessed. plenty love.

*exit sound track* kirk franklin’s *thy kingdom come* that’s another song i looooooooooooooooooove.