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Psalm of the wind.

May your eyes be keen

to find joy in every moment.

May your wings be strong,

for the journey is never ending.

May your limitations be few,

for the time to follow has long since passed.


uncle chijindu wrote this poem, and i recited it when i was about six years old. now i’ve forgotten part of the words. but as i remember more of the words, so will i edit this post. i hope you enjoy

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Do you like children?

yes i do. i like children a lot. especially toddlers. i like the way they believe anything is possible. i like the way they are quick to forgive. i like the way they trust that since daddy said it, it is true. i like their desire to learn. i like the way they smile from the depths of their heart. i like the joy that seems to radiate from a food filled tummy, i like the way they are able to cry about things that bog them and get over it the very next minute.

. i remember a kid who actually believed that his daddy who didn’t own a car yet was going to get him an aeroplane for his birthday. while i shook my head in disbelief, he bubbled with joy and excitement and went on to tell the next person willing to hear the gift he was expecting.

Last month, i spoke to my little cousin and she asked when i would be coming to calabar to see her, i told her maybe December and she said i should come quickly because her daddy was taking her to America in December for Christmas. of course i knew it wasn’t true but i liked the way she had learned already how to believe and hope in something…

Children inspire me. their care free attitude is lesson for another day. so while you’re busy keeping that friend of yours in your sanctuary of unforgiveness, take a cue from the kids around. be quick to love, be quick to forgive. be quick to trust your heavenly father. no wonder the bible says we have to be like babes to see his kingdom.

However, the devil has actually distorted the childhood of some. some have missed the bliss that comes with being a child. you don’t believe me? ask five years old Becky down your street that has been raped since she was three or six years old or johnny who has been from one hospital bed to another battling cancer or is it martha who was born hiv positive?. he has never played football with the other kids. maybe you would also like to ask bimbo that sells orange, yes the orange you buy, maybe she would tell you how often her madam physically abuses her. or maybe Eka-ette would tell you a better story of how she was led into prostitution by the aunty that brought her to Lagos after convincing her poverty stricken parents in the village.

Be vigilant. you can be the that child’s hero. time has away of taking along with it all the innocence of childhood. i am an adult, i should know..(yimu if you want) the “anything is possible” mentality. once in a while though, we should take out time to be inspired by children. it can be very refreshing.

Who are you?

Who are you? this is not one of those “who do you think you are” questions we are quick to blurt out when you’re upset or throwing tantrums. just ponder for a minute and think the question through. No i didn’t ask for your name or who you think you are…most of us suffer from identity crisis. we don’t know who we are, who we were created to be, why we are on earth. i have been wondering about these things all boils down to findind out who we are. how can we find out? only the manufacturer can confidently tell you why he created a particular product, what it can do, it’s purpose and abilities etc. only the manufacturer can tell you in detail what you need to know about the product. that is why mostimes, manufacturers give out mauals along with the product you are purchasing so that you can fully understand it’s use. only the manufacturer can properly school you about it’s purpose. God has a plan for everyone. He had a divine purpose for everyone even before creation. speaking to Jeremiah he said “i knwe you before i formed you in your mothers womb. Before you were born, i set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5). my bishop tells us and it bears repitition that God is a God of plan, purpose, design and objectivity. He explained to Jeremiah how he already knew his name, his temprament, his height, physical appearance, his abilities, his family, his background etc. even before we were born, God set us apart! that is why you can’t afford to be a photocopy of someone else. God set you apart! for a specific purpose. God made us, the buyer of a new samsung duracool refrigerator hardly knows what the device is capable of performing except samsung tells him through his manual or otherwise. the bible is God’s word. our manual. we must therefore continually seek to discover ourselves in the word. we shouldnt be quick to define ourselves by the standards the world presents to us. we are in the world but not of the world remember. we shouldnt let our friends or families dictate who we are. but we should see ourselves through the eyes og our heavenly father and maker. it is in the word that we would discover how he expects us to live, speak, relate with others, the kind of friends he expects us to choose, how we should behave as children, wives, husbands, parents, employees or whatever role it is we play as human beings. As Christians, the bible is and should be our yardstick, our standard, our mirror. as children of God, the bible is our guide!  if you are like me sometimes, if you haven’t read your bible in ages, if you havent studies the word regularly, God understands, but he loves you too much for you to be missin out on all his numerous promises. make a decision to study Gods word. read it, meditate on it and live it. his grace will be sufficient for us all in Jesus name i pray, Amen

As i grow…

In my life as i grow,

it’s certain people will come and  people will go,

but though some may come and some may go,

there’s still you whose memory i wont let go.

In my life as i grow,

with every sound of the cocks crow,

in my heart you’ll beat i know,

cos’ there’s still you whose love,

I wont let go.

In my life as i grow,

your kindness still will glow,

cos even if my appreciation i don’t fully show,

theres still you whose friendship,

i won’t let go.