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Product of heat and pressure from eons past,
Soon the gem you are, you’ll be.
Blessed am I that you’ve come to me.
Flowing veins of rock have brought you to my soil at last.
Tales of rare findings like this travel fast
For treasures like you, in these parts we seldom see.
I will tell the world how you came to save a pauper like me
Cos a diamond in the rough I found at last.
Tap-ta-da-ta-da-ta-da, I found something precious in the hard rock
Happy am I that you have come.
Brilliance and fire obscured by grease
After I evacuate, cut and polish you, your purpose shall be unlocked
People will pay a fortune just to get some.
Your beauty will bring the greatest of men to their knees

Veils of darkness exists no more,
My layers of obscurity, you meticulously peeled away,
Happy was I, covered in sweet rot day after day,
You cut off the rock that shielded me, you opened my door,
Joy and limelight now penetrate my core.
My kind, they stay forever you say, but have I come to be this way?
I’m frosty without my covering of smut, dirt and clay.
Am I the toughest substance to ever be?
What radiance can a worthless rock of glass exude?
Who are you? Why do I understand the language you speak?
Why have I been brought here alone?
For more than unprecedented brilliance and fire, I have capacity to bless?
I thought I was only carbon, am I the treasure you seek?
Am I a diamond? Am i worth more than stone?

My esoteric piece of priceless stone,
Only a guided eye can grasp your true value.
And place you in a beautifully sacred milieu.
Befitting are you- o royalty’s own.
Ah! I can now call uyai on the Phone,
Her dowry has ceased to be an Issue
When she comes wearing her worn out red shoe,
And I place my diamond on her finger, alas! I won’t spend my life alone.
Oh ice, please beautifully adorn my maiden’s neck.
The gem you are, displayed for all to see
Product of heat and pressure from eons past
Diamond so sorely vexed by the lapidary, thou art no wreck,
You beam with fire and brilliance, bless all you see.
Once upon a midnight dream, one diamond cut a diamond at last.


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