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Plus one

Happy birthday to me!!!!!! i am younger and wiser…yes you read that right, i am younger and wiser.

May my days be long and merry, bright and fufilling. May my skies see no dark clouds. may my laughter be laced with genuine gladness of spirit and may my words be coloured with wisdom. May my light be lighted by The everlasting light. May the lines fall for me in amazingly pleasant places. As i journey through the road of life, may the world be blessed because i came; droplets of goodness will i sprinkle upon the many that cross paths with me. May genuine friendship’s be mine to share. Partner me with the head i am suitable for. May love be the melody in my fragile heart. May songs of victory never depart from my lips. As i fetch from the well of pleasant suprises, help my eyes to remain fixed on you. Envelope me with your love wonderful father. convert the baby steps to giant strides. help me to look beyond the myopia Lord. may the oil of joyfullness upon my head never run out. may the aura of grace and favour unlock hidden treasures for me.

Help me to be as ‘me’ as you want me to be.

Happy birthday to me, me, me and me…