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The Other Side Of Tommorrow










I want to wake up on the other side of tomorrow,

In the pure arms of true love,

To the lips of truth,

Wearing faith, on a bed of roses,

Powered by ravishing joy,

With the music of the wind,

To the liberation of the real me.


I want to wake up on the other side of tomorrow,

On a landscape of melted frost balls,

Wrapped with righteousness,

To the warmth of purity,

Adorned with beauty,

Perfumed with joy,

To the whiteness of new creation realities.


I want to wake up on the other side of tomorrow,

On the velvety pillows of hope,

To the reverberations of peace,

Glowing like the sun,

Basking in the aura of mercy,

Soaring on the wings of eagles,

To a banquet of promiscuous grace.













May the dance of my dreams be forever mine.

In my palace of hope,

May this bond be forever strong; this song forever sung,

In the fat realities of reality.

Conjured powers of our shared universe, shall this union bless

With canopies of love

and banners of sweetness from high above.


May this bond be nourished with meats of many heavenly tomorrows

Cursed be the glasses of adversity; the winds of negativity.

Let the wine of hope thoroughly satisfy our nerve and ease our sorrows.

When this pink dreams end and the pink roads bend,

Pink love will be my recurring theme, my sacred hymn of hymns.


Music of dancing waves, serenading ears and healing souls;

The song when I sing, the laughter when I laugh, the love of my life.

Pink be the fire that burns, buffering words that melt,

Packets of divinity entwined in bonds of humanity;

Atmosphere of miracles, currents of happiness;

My dance of dreams, my palace of hope,

May this bond be forever strong.




The Nose Saw

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Slowly the light went out to play
In the crossfire of irreconcilable differences
It didn’t die but it did not come back the same…
Serenity became noisy, noisy became sane.
And so, little by little lost we the zen
Our den of unguarded treasure;
Lair of veiled pleasure.

Layers of life later,
love couldn’t peel yesterday away
Too many particles of reality have tampered with this equation
Unending search parties for peace,
With us to find, their mission is,
Insanity, the wings with which they flew,
Still they couldn’t steal them back,
“There isn’t any us left to take back” they cried
No us to fill our lives of empty plenty, of colorless color,
“Us” now resides under the heaps of vanity and insane sanity we now stand upon
Pictures of hope float weakly in the dark quadrangles of our minds.

In a party of loud silence
Useless battles with no victor and none vanquished,
The head took the valueless trophy home, someone had to.
Alone, lifeless and weak,
starved lay the heart till it became a lifeless pulp
Nylons of despair; plastic bottles of tears,
Drowned the soul every second under the realities of reality…

That day, many memories ago,
In the dungeon of choices,
Cold, bloodless and dead,
With the twin eyes of reality,
The nose saw
How the heart and head went to war.
In the bed of an engulfing fire, ashes remained
Embers of peace, Hopes of happy regrets;
starved and taken by claws of sanity,
Stolen by the grips of reality…