Far away

How are you all doing? i am trusting that the joy of the Lord is still your strength 🙂 it is so easy to loose your mind these days because our adversary is still working overtime but then.. God’s grace still speaks…and is still speaking for you and i.

Meanwhile Metathesis 2012 begins tomorrow…15/8/2012 at TREM International head-quaters,Anthony, Lagos. I am so excited, i really don’t want to miss any of the sessions.. Procrastination is bad 😦  I have still not taken the excuse that i need.

For today?…  i have something special i dug up from one of my notes… enjoy.


Far away

Far, far away

Beyond Seas and seas, hills and mountains

In a little town in Bethlehem,

Long, long, a long time ago,

The offspring of a virgin’s womb

Arrived the earth and was wrapped in swaddling cloth.


He took a break from all his glory,

He became the excuse for my redemption.

He who owns all took my wretched form

It was beauty for ashes.

My life for His; His father: my father.

Liberty: my new song; Heaven: my new home.


He, the price,

God now man.

Prophecies fulfilled.

The great exchange,

Mine even before I knew.

The redemption plan

Sealed and delivered,

Awaiting my claim…


 God is awesome yo!  peace, love and have i already said something about metathesis? okey dokey  pancakes!!!


Orange President


Someday, while the sunrise looks beautiful as always,

The time machine may lift off and land you in an era.

An era where you wake up as president of the country

Where plenty people live below the poverty line while the top government officials are fed fat.

The country where everybody unashamedly eats from the golden plate of corruption,

Where bribery like flattery will get you almost anything you desire.

The country blessed so much, the blessings become the curse.

The country raped by cabals in diaspora.

Where those who steal from the nation’s purse

To invest in already thriving economies are allowed to walk about celebrated.

The country strangled by misguided minds known by the sobriquet called Boko Haram.

Will you wake up and be the messiah, one who will sing songs of hope.

He who beats the drum for change?

Will you possibly eradicate poverty that has become a second skin without hurting the ones you seek to save?

Would you, yesterday’s commoner, ignore the greed lurking in your genes?

Would you repress the burning desire in your loins?

Wouldn’t you rather keep comfort for your generation yet unborn while the living wallow in lack?

Have you the audacity to bite the fingers that fed you?

How can you manage to be at logger heads with the king makers who play you as pawns on their chess boards?

Can you stand up to the ones who rigged the election in your favour for their favour?


How can you sacrifice your state of mind and resources to rebuild the dilapidated oil rich areas?

How can you improve the local industries when you don’t patronize them?

Just yesterday, you blamed the government, now you are the government the struggling people blame.

Will you listen to their pleas? Or will their voices drown in the river of fanfare that bubbles for you?

Will you be positively moved to better the lives of the people?

Would you reform the land and the minds of the people?

Will you be the president who works his minions hard enough?

When you have a throbbing headache will you do trust the health care facility of the country?

Would you be the one to transform the death traps called major roads?

Would you empower the youths, would you transform the power sector?

Don’t waste your seeds seeking a second term,

Sow the seeds you can, while you can.



Writer’s block?

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For the writer and the reader.

What is writer’s block?

It is a place where a super human being who thinks he/she is worthy to be called a writer occasionally travels to. In this ugly place, stories in the head,  and words in the mind, both real and imagined get crowded and temporarily ceases find expression much to the being’s frustration. in this block the person gets shut out from the happiness that productivity brings and wallows in nothingness and in extreme situations depression.

Writer’s block or laziness?

Laziness is laziness. according to university of wikipedia, “laziness is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so.” i am going to repeat the “despite having the ability to do so” bit for emphasis sake. This disinclination to writing activity sometimes roots from fear of writing something less than what is expected of you or writing less than what you expect from you.

Some cases originate from low morale and seeming lack of encouragement or the fear of commitment which also comes from the fear of failure or rejection.

Writer’s write.

Whatever the case, others have called you a writer, you’ve even accepted and come to the point where you know you are a writer, don’t let _________________(fill in the name of your excuse) stop you from happiness that comes with punching the key pads or letting ink flow into paper. don’t stay inside a block when you can play outside with words and creativity.

Somehow if truly you are suffering from writer’s block, remember you got there through your mind and you must travel back to the place of creativity through your mind. The longer you take to make your travel plans, the more rusty your pen becomes, your ink starts to dry and….can you truly imagine not being able to write anymore? if the thought doesn’t scare you, kindly take off your writer’s jacket and take a \____________

In my opinion, the remedy to writer’s block is to write. write about anything. rubbish or sensible, just write. which ever way you are most comfortable, pen on paper or using a computer, which ever way,

Write your way back to freedom..

You may need to rest well too and get away from all the things that suck your creative juice. that period is a good time to read too.

So i have been watching some who think they have a way with words hide under the shadow of writers block for a while when in actual sense they are only under the umbrella of laziness. please repent (takes note and).

Remember, Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength). God has not given you the spirit of fear (false evidence appearing real) but of power, love and self discipline! (2 Thimothy 1:7)

Peace, Love and Pancakes 🙂


Black. Where are your tears young lady? They are rolling down my inner cheeks..i guess.  Maybe i have this syndrome if there is anything like that called delayed reaction. I remember when Grand pa died, i couldn’t cry, i was sad, i mean really sad but the tears just wouldn’t

At the condolence register. R.I.P. Ma

fall. I am the one who cries at the slightest provocation, i cry about little things but when the big things come i get numb, i feel them but i can’t express them accurately.. the long and short is that I thought i will be able to let this slide without blogging about it but then..

In Nigeria, 3/6/12 was black Sunday due to the fact that a Dana air craft headed for Lagos from Abuja crashed somewhere in Iju-Ishaga, Lagos  killing all the about 157 people on board. The number of casualties around the area of the crash is yet to be confirmed.

Here in Nigeria Shippers’ Council, where i am currently doing my industrial attachment, there is an atmosphere of mourning as one of our own, the Deputy Director Finance, DDF as she is fondly called, Mrs Ogechi Onyeagocha and her very beautiful and only daughter, Chidinma Onyeagocha who attended the Corona school just beside the office have both been confirmed as two of those that died in the plane crash.

Sad is an understatement, people have cried and cried and i can not even imagine the pain that her husband must be feeling after loosing his only wife and child. We hear  her mother too is still alive and it just makes it even more terrible. She went to visit her husband in Abuja where he stays and was rushing back to Lagos so Chidinma could attend school on monday. It is sad to think that she could have stayed on in Abuja as the Maritime Seminar for Judges is just 2 days away. Those close to her say she was a Dana airline regular customer and that afternoon,  for some funny reason she even though of going with Arik but she couldn’t meet up so she went with Dana airline still.

We will all miss her and her beautiful daughter.

mother and daughter.

I will miss answering my boss’s intercom and hearing “hello my dear, this is DDF is your “oga” around?” the late DDF was also a part of our Shippers Loveworld Fellowship and she was even a guest speaker during the youth seminar that took place on May 16 at the NSC chapel. She spoke passionately about “achieving success in your chosen career” in her message she taught us practical and spiritual steps to take in our pursuit for success in our careers.

Chidinma on the other hand was a very bright, tall, beautiful and i must say smart girl, her spoken english was very good with a little bit of “phoneh” and i remember my friend and i watching videos of her dancing recorded with her mum’s iphone. I am sure her class mates will miss her. I will miss running into Chidinma in the elevator whenever she’s coming back from school.

I mean, how can the two of them die at once? Death is all kinds of cruel. It’s cold hands reach out without respect and snatches people away regardless of back ground, age, social status etc, there was a mother and her three kids, a husband and wife our DDF and her only daughter, beautiful air hostesses, crew members, those who were in their houses and then BOOOM something explodes on their roof and then they are burnt to death along with others. The stories and different reports about the crash in the newspapers can inspire some really hot tears but then who are we to question what God has allowed to happen? Life is but a fleeting moment. When it is gone, it is really gone then we have heaven or hell to look forward to..

It is sad news for all of us who knew her to hear that she is no more but as Christians, the Bible urges us not to mourn as if we have no hope (1 Thes 4:13).  She has gone to a better place to be with the Lord.

For those of us still blessed with the gift of life, we should be thankful and live like God will want us to before the silver cord of life snaps and we are no more. What will people say about you when you are gone?

Once again, my condolences go out to all those who lost their acquaintances, family members and loved ones during the plane crash.

How time flies…

As a kid,
I wondered where time did lead
I sulked for i had not seen time pass by
nor had i the privilege of watching it fly.
every where i went,
the message was clearly sent
of how time flies
and how quick it was to say it’s bye bye’s.
if this was true,
I had not a clue
so I went on a quest to solve the mystery
which was as old as history.

I teamed up with my creative powers
amidst the flowers,
and conjured up an image of time, the  human kind
then i made it fly in my mind.
I felt happy afterwards,
for finally, i knew how time moved forward.

Confusion struck again in English class,
but i had gotten my answer at last
for if “time” was an abstract noun,
then grown ups couldn’t have known that time could fly.
or was it a lie?
then i heard of personification
and it was a notification
that i had made a caricature of time
because my imagined time and my new concept of time,
refused to rhyme.

No title

*inserts whitney and mariah carey’s “when you believe”*

we were moving mountains high before we knew we could….awwwwwwwwwww don’t you just love some lyrics, i mean some song writers are mega hot as in mega smoking blazing hot. anyways moving on…how have y’all been? you missed me didn’t you? lolz well  someday you will. I’ve been doing great, learning plenty. love has been stressfull kind of…but I have been studying the Proverbs 31 wife of noble character. i want to be her. she’s my role model. yeah yeah, you guessed right, i want to be super woman.

so at a point i read that “….her husband can trust her” and i was like wow. like he can actually trust her to do him good. he can trust her not to spend all their money on trivial issues, he can trust her to be faithfull to him (sexually), he can trust her with that new business idea, he can trust her to train his kids in the way of the Lord, he can trust her with his life…he can trust her to be emotionally stable (i mean that’s something o), he can trust her to…..(the list goes on and on)

I have also been wondering…why is there no place in the bible that talks about a husband of noble character? or is there? the woman has so much work to do on her character. Its almost as if the wife is the pillar of every successful marriage. personally, when i re-read the passage, i feel inadequate sometimes, I’d share my notes on that later, when i am done putting it together. the good thing however is that i am not married yet so i think i still have a shot at learning and becoming the proverbs 31 woman (yeah and how come she never even had a name? okay it is like lemuel’s mother was reading out the c.v. for the perfect woman).

You see, I want my children to call me blessed, i want my husband, my sweetheart, my darling to praise me i will Fear the Lord. (beauty is passing, charm is decietful but a woman who fears the lord, she shall be praised.) father please help me to be a virtuous woman.

I have also been trying to read my pmp book. i mean why dont i know how to read plenty educational things without getting distracted? HS pls help o.

My aunty also came from Kaduna…yayyyyyyyyyyyy. and yeah we’re getting a new t.v. too. 9(that’s some serious thing to thank God for have no idea.)

How could i forget? on tuesday we nearly had a fatal accident. *bows heart* Thank you Jesus. on our way home from work that day, we were in the staff bus as usual, there was little traffic and we were frowning (who likes traffic) suddenly we heard…gbooooooooom (i dont know how to spell the exact sound i heard) whaaaaat! a trailer hit us from behind and phew…people started finding the nearest way out of the bus..(like three people jumped from the window i tell you..) anyway to cut a long story short, nobody was hurt. just that the staff bus was dented from behind. they said, the trailer’s break had failed but because there was traffic, he obviously wasnt speeding at all…cuz if he has been on even average speed, with the sloping bridge at apapa-ijora road…hmmn. i just thank God.

I shall live. i havent accomplished all i have been purposed to yet. that’s how i know that i can’t die now. besides, i shall not die, but i shall live to declare the works of the Lord inthe land of the living.) did i hear you say amen for me..? *smiles* thank you. Amen for you too………

public holiday…i see you. lol, we Nigerians looooove public holidays.

y’all should stay beautifully blessed. plenty love.

*exit sound track* kirk franklin’s *thy kingdom come* that’s another song i looooooooooooooooooove.

random silent prayers : worry

so many emotions tied up in one day with a ribbon on it. the colour today has been blue, green even yellow then blue and then blue again.

I have had genuine laughs. felt that ache deep within again. i even enjoyed the company of friends. i also felt alone in the crowd. how do i even manage to experience all these conflicting emotions?

there is so much i do not understand yet. the struggle to fit all the rough edgy pieces together is almost tearing me apart. i really must need a full dose of relaxation. so when the blue mood comes up. i also remember Philippians 4:6-7

according to my Bible..(New Living Translation)

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything, tell God what you need , and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds everything we can understand. his peace will guard your heart hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

i tend to worry a lot. i have “trust” issues most times. and i worry about it  a whole lot. brother Paul…how can ou even tell me not to worry? i want to believe you, i want to. at some point i even believe you. and then i  lapse into that state of subconscious worry again. i should pray huh? i do. but how do i even start to pray about the things that bother me…


straight up from me. i dont want to keep worrying about things that i know in the long run are totally not up to me to decide. or are they? sometimes i want to dream and it gets tempting sometimes to even start charting out courses i would like to follow and all..

other times..i prefer the laid back approach. at the end of the day circumstances become beyond our control. it just makes it feel like such a attempting to walk on a treadmill.

what would you have me do Lord. i want your will to be done in my life. i want what you want for me. quite frankly lord i don’t trust my judgement. i want you to have your way. i have often said to my friends that i wish you speak efik. thinking about it now…i beg for forgiveness Lord. i want to understand your language Lord. not have you speak mine. i really would love to hear from you. i need answers.

i thank you Lord for all you have done..for all you let happen to me and more for the things you let me escape.

i need that peace that Paul talks about. i need to experience and live with it. i need it to guard my heart and mind lord..

Holy spirit…please show me how. teach me.