I fell, Like I will if the sole of my pumps kisses scattered finger peels of banana on hard concrete, head first, then heart and soul into depths of love I could not fully comprehend. I was home. I am home. I now know why I am. I connected with me, with us. Not as bodies entwined in an embrace like the twisting of braids on human hair, this was more. It is more.

Like flashlights, powered by love, through your eyes, I see me, I see paths earmarked for me alone to thread lead to previously unimagined heights. Zeniths greater than my mortal mind can conceive, you have made mine. Conquered levels do I reach with passing seconds every following minute through your Spirit. You empower me with might.

Composer of time, the ageless painter of eternity, I can never love me the way you do, for you are love. Her entirety is you. You shield me from myself and save me from nemesis. What we are is of the abundance that is you. Your unwavering love, you pour on me.  

Words that my spirit cotton’s on; the language of souls heard by many understood by a handful. Your life giving breadth satisfies me…I’ve put my hands, that which you made, in your outstretched ones, take it, own it…I’d gladly follow as your love leads.












I give myself away.


My thankful shrite up

i wonder what you are doing now…bored? can’t wait for it to be close of work? can’t wait for ASSU strike to be over so you can have something to keep you busy? or maybe you’re just strolling the streets of blogville while you’re chewing on some orbit chewing gum or what?

anyways, what ever your situation is at the nano second when you stumble on this and decide to continue reading…i hope you are thankful. yes, you read that right. in all situations we are to give thanks to God. whether you’re in Kano or up north or maybe you are not but you’re wondering what exactly is running through your president’s head or maybe you just want to give him the Oyedepo type of slap to yank him back to the helm of affairs and stuff so that you can go back to your Uni and hopefully collect your allowance for the coming month at least…what ever the case, you are to be thankful.

it’s thankful thursday’s today and it’s still your girl farida and it’s still my, i don’t know why i said that abi you dey struggle right with me ni?

today i’m going to be doing a short exercise for fifteen minutes

*sets timer*

i’m going to shrite (share-write) the little big things i am thankful for..

  •   i’m thankful for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. seriously you think that’s not worth it? can you imagine if God wasn’t in the mood to wake you up this morning? of course you can..because you are awake and you can think and even read…
  •  i am happy also that i am somewhat literate..praise the Lord someborri. but seriously o, in this day and age, imagine me like this fine girl no dimples..or pimples which ever one..i no go fit read or right or even communicate well sef…father i thank you.
  • i am also happy that my mum’s blood pressure which was unnecessarily and alarmingly high over the weekend has some what normalized..for that i am extremely thankful.
  • i am also thankful that somebody i know knows somebody that knows somebody that i can stay with in Ghana when i go there next week so i don’t have to spend on hotel accomodation and stuffs. if you like yimu and go all all.. no i am not that…but i am thankful..
  • i am also thankful that i just had some laughs because some friends from school just came to the office and i wasn’t expecting them and i was happy to see them and all…
  • i am also thankful that i haven’t had beef per se with my dad this week..that’s a biggie.
  • i am also thankful for emem and onose..those kids just make me so happy..
  • i am also thankful that God added another year to my mum’s life on the 22nd.
  • i am also thankful that nkems running stomach has gotten better..
  • i am also thankful that there has been no form of traffic..or rather i haven’t experienced any major traffic this week..ok Monday sha..but i took one gangster okada ride like that..that my mum shouldn’t know about so yeah i still avoided the traffic and i am happy..
  • i am thankful for shippers love world fellowship
  • i am thankful for that nice lady in church on sunday
  • i am thankful for the chic that gave me a ride from church to my bustop on tuesday after evening service..mehn the car was so comfy and my not high heels were frustrating my blessed feet and i was tired and hungry and in no mood to walk so…yeah i am thankful…
  • i am thankful for the harlot to heroine post that…

ok i think the timer just went off… 😦

and i just remembered more juicy things….

anyways in the famous words of a particular song writer..(i don’t know his name) i should ask google shey..)

count your blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done… seriously..

bye..peace, love and pancakes!

really any typo..? you should just ignore that..