Harlot turned heroine

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Lauren are you sure i can do this?

ahn ahn God has not given you the spirit of fear or timidity but of Boldness and sound mind

*Rahab walks into the studio*

OMG it’s happening….


hello, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the very first  “Wednesday woman’ on Orange Reflections (OR) i am Farida.  I will be your host today and on the show we have the eccentric harlot turned heroine of faith. infact me, myself and I could think of no better woman to start the show seeing as she is one who sparked up so much controversy in her former life. not only did she follow an immoral profession, she also betrayed her own city in exchange for the  favorable treatment for herself and her family. but because she acknowledged the Supreme God, she gained a place of honor in the scriptures

Farida:  good morning ma, its such a pleasure to have you on the show, you look so so beautiful.

Rahab: goodmorning my dear what century is this again?

Farida: *chuckles* its 2012 ma

Rahab: hmmn, how time flies. i like your dress too..what is it made of?

Farida: it’s an ankara gown from orange culture, i was also styled by bubbai..

Rahab; *confused look* i’ve never heard of ankara before..and what is this you have on your feet? they are so high..

Farida: err..they are shoes. lol. ma, please for the sake of those listening who do not read their bible and who have never heard of you, please we’d like you to introduce yourself.

Rahab: some people haven’t heard about me? Na wa o.. anyway, my name is Rahab, i was born in the era before Christ. back then i was a notorious prostitute, harlot, call-girl, whore…you get my drift right?

Farida: what town was that ma?

Rahab: Jericho.

Farida: so how did you meet the spies that Joshua secretly sent to spy Jericho from the Israelite camp at acacia Grove?

Rahab: back then, my house was built into the town wall. you know in business location is everything. one day i was looking out my window in the evening, the last customer had left and i was just enjoying the the evening when i noticed two tired looking men obviously foreigners approaching the town gate. i quickly went out to market my services, they needed a place to stay and i let them in.

*phone rings*

Farida: OR 52.9fm. goodmorning, your name and where you are calling from?

Caller: hi goodmorning, my name is shukura calling from victoria island, i would like to ask madam rahab a question

Farida: go on, she’s listening

Caller: Ma, did the spies get some that night?

Rahab: you say?

Caller: ma did the spies patronize you that night?

Rahab: ah..No o, i know i was notorious but..i knew ther was something different about them. they were good people and it was obvious they didn’t want my services.

Caller: wow. thank you so much ma, me and my friends are listening to your interview.

*ends call*

Farida: how did the king find out about the spies?

Rahab: *chuckles* you think amebo started in this era? one of the girls in my household told someone that told someone that told someone and the news got to the king who later ordered me to bring out the men. i couldn’t deny that i had not seen them so as a sharp babe i told him that they were at my house alright but they left at dusk as the gates were about to close even though i had hidden them beneath bundles of flax i had laid out on the roof top.  i also told him to send his men along the road leading to the shallow crossings of the Jordan river.

Farida: bundles of flax? what were you doing with those?

Rahab: i wasn’t just a prostitute, i was also a business woman when i was not err *coughs* i spent my time weaving threads from the flax into linen which i sold to the dress makers.

Farida: wow, i didn’t know that? you must have been rich..

Rahab: yes i was.

Farida: so why did you hide the spies?

Rahab: it was in a bid to be deceptive and disobey the law but obviously it was God’s orchestrated plan to fulfill his promise to Isreal and i was a Vessel. I felt it in my spirit that the Lord had given the land to them already. in reality, the people and inhabitants of jericho were all afraid of the children of God. infact we lived in terror after we had heard how the Lord made a dry path for them through the red sea when they came out of  Egypt. we also heard how they had destroyed the people of the two Amorite kings Shihon and Og, we heard of all they had done to them and our hearts melted in fear, ha! who has the courage to fight after hearing such things? God is the supreme God of the heaven’s above and the earth below and He was with them. i knew it was a lost battle already. i had to do something, i had to save myself and my family.

Farida: that was some revelation ma. who told you about God?

Rahab: i really can’t answer that, i just knew their God was the supreme God, so i had to make them a deal i asked them to be kind to me when the Lord gave them Jericho since i had helped them. after all, one good turn deserves another *chuckles* i think that was the wisest move i made. i told them to save my life and that of my father, mother, brothers, sisters and their families. as one of the Apostles told you, faith without works is dead.. if i just had faith but did not tell them to spare our lives, who knows what would have become of me? i had to make a move.

F: you must have loved your family..

R: oh yes i did. i didn’t want to be the only one saved. you know sometimes i wonder why those in this end time, even believers don’t love their families..why are y’all so stingy with the gospel huh?

*phone rings*

F:OR 52.9fm. goodmorning, your name and where you are calling from?

C: my name is Chioma, calling from Alagbado, ma so how did they eventually escape?

R: know my house was built into the town wall so i secretly let them out through the window using a scarlet rope lol, i was creative like that..i told them to escape to the hill country and hide thee for three days before they return to their camp..they told me that if there was a massacre i should live the scarlet rope hanging from the window through which i let them down and all my family members and myself must be inside my house. i accepted their terms and conditions, it was a deal.

Caller: wow, you really risked your life o..thank you ma for coming today and thank you Farida for the wonderful; work, i’m still listening..have a nice day.

*ends call*

Rahab: have a nice day too. you guys in the era of grace are so lucky do not have to pay for your salvation because Jesus has paid the ultimate price for your sins all you have to do is believe in Him…you are a lucky lot, back then, we had to sacrifice rams and pigeon’s and…

Farida: we have a text message here from Ejiro in ikorodu, she says ” goodday madam Rahab, i am really enjoying your interview. please can you tell us how they conquered your land?” ma, over to you..

Rahab: hmmn. we were very afraid of the Isrealites that the gates were tightly shut. economic activities slowed down. things were like the state of your nation now during the last nation wide strike. one fine day, while i was watching from my window, i saw seven priests with rams’ horns marching in front of the Ark of the Lord and blowing their horns around the town. some of the priests followed behind also blowing the horns. they didn’t speak. they continued this for six days. it drove the people crazy but i had faith that i would be saved. i gathered my family and waited. on the seventh day at dawn, the marched around the town as they had done before but this time, they went around seven times. the seventh time around, as the priests sounded the long blast on their horns a man (who i later discovered was called Joshua) commanded them to shout that the Lord had given them the town. he told them that everything in Jericho must be completely destroyed as an offering to the Lord apart from me and my house hold..

Farida. wow, that must have made you very happy

Rahab: happy is an understatement..joyful, as dirty and unworthy as i was, God spared my life and that of my household. He loved me..the Supreme God loved me…can you beat that?

Caller: hi, my name is Fatima, i am calling from surulere. ma please did the  spies keep their promise? did you let down the scarlet rope?

Rahab: yes dear, they did as they promised. that was how because i had hidden the spies Joshua sent to Jericho, i was saved and given a place among the children of God. i stopped prostituting , i had faith in God and even got an award during the “Hebrews 11” faith and award’s ceremony *flashes award*

Farida. wow, sadly we have to bring the show to an end. i hope you have been inspired because i was. ma, please any last words to your fans?

Rahab: hehe, i can’t wait to tell Joshua, caleb and co that i’ve got fans…anyways on a more serious note people, watch what you hear guys. the people of Jericho “heard” that is why they were “afraid”

“phone rings*

Farida: hello, hello..please turn down the volume of your radio set

Farida: OR 52.9fm. goodmorning, your name and where you are calling from?

Caller: hi my name is Onosetale calling from Ikoyi, ma please did you hook up with Salmon? father of Boaz? are you the one mentioned in Mattew 1:5?

Farida: i am so so so sorry i had to cut that call, but it is exactly noon and i must read the news on the hour so the show has to end. thank you ma for coming, we appreciate it so much..have a safe trip back to your era.

Farida:  thank you all for listening. i’m sorry i couldn’t take all the text and calls but it’s a wrap people,  until we come your way next week..remember God loved you enough to make you a woman.