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In silence…

I have her, they say I do. I believe them too
While I want to convince them how alone I am, I listen to them..
We’re close because they say we have to,
It is the right thing, it is what we need to, it is what we can’t not.
From a distance, we’re all we’ve got.
He’s been the shadow you see in the picture,
they say I should rejoice that he reflects at all,
blurry or not, I should train my eyes to see him there.
Somewhere, somehow, we learnt to tear down the bridges
We built walls in her stead and felt falsely secure,
we dance slowly as loneliness sings her bitter song.
An alliance to mask the insecurity that lurks within..
They protect to deny us of the love we long too feel.
Me, a large percentage like her, an offspring
A mango doesn’t fall far from its tree.
She, too overwhelmed for words she hides behind a strong demeanor.
Too set to be involved
See us holding hands while steadily threading parallel paths
Look. See. I can’t reach you like you can’t reach me.
Finger tips occasionally brushing. Some contact huh?
With poise and all. Lock it in, abandon it into the depths of your mind
The outside doesn’t speak of the discomfort within
We’re obligated to stay strong for each other,
Crumbling would herald a domino effect or so we think,
It is the least a cold and twisted branch can do to for the semi-broken vine
Keeping me, was a wise, wise resolve.
Gradually, both of us have become much more than just she and i
we’re a unit, a tree, a bond. weak forces or not, we bond still,
Nature has made it so, has demanded so
But she should take her duty seriously, pull me
I want her to teach me, quit the excuse and try
Her loud silence does little for me,
Why wouldn’t she speak to me..does she regret?
She should be all over my page..whywould she hoard the wise words?
Why would she seek to inspire these silent tears?
In this cold city, tell her to show me warmth, I want her back
Not the warmth a toddler needs, the sure foot a lady craves…
What do you mean I should answer, did she call?
She’s older, it is her fault

Blooming too fast is she
I can’t keep up, I can’t deal
Time is literally slipping through my fingers as I watch her happen to me
My voice echoes as I speak..for I speak to her when she isn’t here.
Is my invisible pillar of strength not strong enough for herself?
My bundle of beautifully wrapped joy, my achievement, my pride,
I see her unscathed by the circumstances so I let her be
Her eyes say she would conquer, doesn’t she see her eyes?
I try to mirror her strength in a bid to show her her.
Have I showed too much? Mine’s the mistake she must learn from, see?
Her tiny feet look big enough to walk in the step of amazons
From the moment I saw her, I saw everything I dreamed.
I would write my life’s script and watch it play out in hers.
I look at her and I know my life isn’t even near worthless
At least I brought her to bless us.
They look at her and they go green..
Captivated by her beauty they confess
My friend who arrived my care unannounced
I wasn’t looking for her when she became obvious. He didn’t even know
At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted her, but she had come to stay,
I tried to end her existence in my dreams but she lived on even in my dreams
Breathed on, stayed on. With each kick there she reminded me,
The picture of plenty things to look forward to
Hands that will be mine forever to hold, one that was mine to nurse
Obligated to love and look up to me, us two in my world.
I couldn’t face them yet, couldn’t explain couldn’t deal.
I didn’t push, she was as unprepared as I, but they said it was time
So I let them take her out of me,
Beauty more beautiful than ever I hoped,
Now I stay perplexed as old methods don’t hold sway
Who is taking her from me? Why doesn’t she bring her cares to my throne?
Why doesn’t she enter my room? I don’t want her to go, I miss her..i cant reach her
Cant she see..she’s all I have?
Must I tell her? She should know..
Must I call her? She should come..
See..tell her please, I want her back, I cant reach her..
what do you mean talk? What do you mean listen, she’s the one to hear me out..
she’s younger, it is her fault…


Do you like children?

yes i do. i like children a lot. especially toddlers. i like the way they believe anything is possible. i like the way they are quick to forgive. i like the way they trust that since daddy said it, it is true. i like their desire to learn. i like the way they smile from the depths of their heart. i like the joy that seems to radiate from a food filled tummy, i like the way they are able to cry about things that bog them and get over it the very next minute.

. i remember a kid who actually believed that his daddy who didn’t own a car yet was going to get him an aeroplane for his birthday. while i shook my head in disbelief, he bubbled with joy and excitement and went on to tell the next person willing to hear the gift he was expecting.

Last month, i spoke to my little cousin and she asked when i would be coming to calabar to see her, i told her maybe December and she said i should come quickly because her daddy was taking her to America in December for Christmas. of course i knew it wasn’t true but i liked the way she had learned already how to believe and hope in something…

Children inspire me. their care free attitude is lesson for another day. so while you’re busy keeping that friend of yours in your sanctuary of unforgiveness, take a cue from the kids around. be quick to love, be quick to forgive. be quick to trust your heavenly father. no wonder the bible says we have to be like babes to see his kingdom.

However, the devil has actually distorted the childhood of some. some have missed the bliss that comes with being a child. you don’t believe me? ask five years old Becky down your street that has been raped since she was three or six years old or johnny who has been from one hospital bed to another battling cancer or is it martha who was born hiv positive?. he has never played football with the other kids. maybe you would also like to ask bimbo that sells orange, yes the orange you buy, maybe she would tell you how often her madam physically abuses her. or maybe Eka-ette would tell you a better story of how she was led into prostitution by the aunty that brought her to Lagos after convincing her poverty stricken parents in the village.

Be vigilant. you can be the that child’s hero. time has away of taking along with it all the innocence of childhood. i am an adult, i should know..(yimu if you want) the “anything is possible” mentality. once in a while though, we should take out time to be inspired by children. it can be very refreshing.